Year 9 Embrace Service and Generosity

On Thursday, all Year 9 students took part in a Service Learning Program, a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. 

During the session, Year 9 students were immersed in the experience of ‘Kids Giving Back’ through a meaningful session of educating, acting and reflecting on the significance of helping those in need. With age-appropriate content and open discussions, students learnt about homelessness and vulnerability while challenging the stigmas and stereotypes of what a homeless person looks like.

Students also participated in the act of giving back by creating various items that contribute towards Helpful Hampers. The cohort was split into two groups to complete a variety of activities, including items supplemented by a student donation drive. 

Upon completing these hands-on activities, they were re-grouped to hear stories of lived experiences and reflect on what they had learnt, who they helped, and what they are grateful for in their own lives, along with an opportunity to ask their own questions.

These types of activities help our students to enhance their sense of belonging, develop cognitive empathy, support physical and mental health of young people and develop resilience and self-efficacy for improved mental health outcomes.

Thank you to Tarek Taouk, Head of Year 9, for organising the excursion.

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