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Situated within moments of Sydney's CBD, International Grammar School is a unique independent, coeducational, secular school offering quality teaching for early learning, primary and high school students through to Year 12.

There are many aspects I love about teaching at IGS. We teach a dynamic, creative, globally minded and integrative curriculum. Innovation is not only supported, but encouraged by the Leadership team. The staff are welcoming, talented and value collaboration. As well, on our footsteps we have access to incredible institutions and facilities of which we have established many partnerships with and affords us the opportunity to take student learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Michelle Sullivan

Primary Studies Coordinator and Year 4 educator

It’s a vibrant, diverse, caring community that embraces change and is always striving to be better. It is academically ambitious and committed to the holistic development of the young people in its care. One day I am discussing the impact of plastic in our oceans and the next day I am teaching students to scuba dive, so that they can see impacts themselves. That’s why I love IGS.

Carmelo Fedele

Head of Year 9

I love teaching our amazing students who are creative risk takers, willing to explore ideas which transcend linguistic, cultural and social barriers. They are open minded, accepting, critical thinkers who believe anything is possible! IGS was founded as a dream which nurtured the resources within, including mother tongue and cultural ties. It is a home of lifelong friendships and connections. It is a very special place to teach as we are all encouraged to continue to dream and imagine future possibilities.

Rita Morabito

Director of Dramatic Arts