Language students connect with creativity

"An important part of language learning is allowing students to connect their creativity with the structures they are learning in class," said Assistant Head of Junior School Languages and Italian Teacher Annamaria Ferragina. 

In Term 1, Year 5 students are investigating the topic All About Me.

“Starting with structures about personal self descriptions, the students drew beautiful self portraits on mini canvases. The concepts discussed during the week were highlighted in their artworks,” Annamaria said.

“Continuing with the same approach, the students learnt structures about family descriptions and then enjoyed a relaxed lesson of drawing portraits of their family. During this task, the students considered how to include a variety of family members within one frame and hence started the process of planning their written descriptions for the next day.

“Observing the students express themselves through art creatively and with originality, has given me a greater understanding of my students.”