Year 6 Science Trail excursion

Year 6 students participated in a Science excursion to the Botanical Garden and the Australian Museum during Week 5 of Term 3.

“As part of our IGS National Science Week activities, Year 6 took part in the Sydney Science Trail. This excursion involved a rotation of activities between the Botanical Gardens and the Australian Museum. Of the three rotations each class participated in, the Science Expo was for all of them a highlight,” said Head of Primary Studies and Year 6 Teacher Michelle Sullivan.

“Experts from over 20 research organisations and universities had interactive stalls set up for the students to wander through and chat about citizen science, frogs, fossils, medical research and more. Many of the students spoke to the scientists about their career paths and how they could pursue them.

“After the Expo the students moved on to witness some truly ‘cool’ experiments looking at the scientific concepts such as heat, pressure, and sound. There were explosions, fire balls and other captivating results that grabbed their attention and motivated them to understand the science behind the experiment.

“At the Botanical students either had the opportunity to either learn about Bees and make a Bee Hotel or discover the culinary delights that can be found in a native Cadi Jam Ora garden guided by a First Nations expert! Students were highly engaged in both activities and you will soon see the learning put into practise as we prepare various areas with plants and our new 10 Bee Hotels to add our outdoor spaces.”

Please enjoy the gallery of images below.