Photography go-getter

Congratulations to Woody of Year 4 who was announced a finalist in the City of Sydney’s Little Sydney Lives competition.

Woody’s photo is of his beyblades, taken during lockdown. The image will be displayed in grand style in Hyde Park in Sydney from 15 September.

“The photo is called Beyblade battle. It’s a photo of two Beyblades (they are called Geist Fafnir and Air Knight) battling in X-ray vision. I took it using Photobooth on my iPad at home one day when I was bored,” Woody said.

“I thought it would be cool. I was messing around with the different functions and I thought it would make a good action photo. I was experimenting. The X-ray vision makes it polarised and makes it glow.

“I think photography is cool. I like taking photos – it’s a fun thing to do if you’re bored. I like taking photos of animals and nature most of all. Mum told me about the Little Sydney Lives photography competition and I thought “I could do that”. I didn’t think I’d be a finalist!”

Little Sydney Lives is produced by the City of Sydney as part of Art & About Sydney, an ongoing program of temporary art projects in unusual spaces. The competition was judged by artists Atong Atem, Sam Ferris and Sebastian Goldspink.

The free exhibition is being shown at the Sandringham Memorial Garden and Fountain in Hyde park, Elizabeth Street, Sydney and runs from Thursday 15 September to Sunday 9 October 2022. For more details click here.