IGS Language Camp 2024

Nestled atop the misty valleys and between the towering eucalyptus forests of the Blue Mountains, IGS Language Camp found its home in a place where nature's grandeur served as the perfect backdrop for cultural immersion and language learning.

From the crack of dawn, the camp echoed with the chatter of eager learners, brimming with enthusiasm to dive into the day’s activities. The teachers carefully curated themed experiences for each language, guiding the activities and shaping the learning journey.

Watch the students talk about what they were up to.


The theme for the Japanese language camp this year was “winter”. Students explored Japanese annual events in winter by engaging in various activities that not only broadened their linguistics skills but also deepened their understanding of Japanese culture. Some highlights included craft activities such as making a kite and a spinning top, singing a song about the New Year with movement, calligraphy, sushi making, and dramatic performances in Japanese.

Meanwhile, Chinese students rolled up their sleeves to craft Zongzi, honouring traditions and savouring the flavours of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Italian creativity flourished as students envisioned their perfect holiday Villaggi, each sketch a testament to the allure of la dolce vita.

Not to be outdone, the French contingent swayed to the rhythmic beats of North African drums, their movements mirroring the vibrant diversity of the Francophone world.

Beyond the structured activities, Language Camp fostered an environment of camaraderie and mutual learning. Conversations flowed freely in a symphony of tongues.

IGS Language camp is an annual tradition where students from Years 4 to 6 embark on a journey of learning outside the classroom, embracing the culture and language of the language they are learning.

Thank you to all the languages and support staff for their dedication and organisation over the three day excursion.

Enjoy the Gallery.