Flamenco Workshop

Originating from the Andalusian region, Flamenco enraptures audiences worldwide with its intense rhythms and captivating performances, doing the same at IGS.

Last week, our High School Spanish Language students were visited by Pepe Molina for a masterclass in all aspects of Flamenco.

One of the most integral aspects of Flamenco is the rhythmic clapping, known as “palmas.” Guided by experienced instructors, Spanish language students learned the various patterns and techniques of palmas, using their hands to create intricate rhythms that complemented the music and dance. Students had the opportunity to explore the use of traditional Flamenco instruments such as castanets.

Through their involvement in clapping, tapping, and the use of instruments and fans, students not only gained a newfound appreciation for the complexity and beauty of Flamenco but also forged a deeper connection to Spanish culture.

Thank you to Ms Yolanda Fernandez for organising this event.