IGS students tackle new NAPLAN tests

In a departure from the paper and pen model of previous years, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 have undertaken NAPLAN tests online this week.

“NAPLAN is a national literacy and numeracy assessment that students in Years 3,5,7 and 9 sit each year,” said IGS Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning Lisa Kelliher.

“Coordinated by the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) it is the only national assessment completed by students in Australia. NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills, in alignment with the curriculum.” 

The results of NAPLAN testing allow parents and carers the opportunity to see how their child is progressing against national standards over time and also affords schools the opportunity to ensure all students are supported in the development of key skills and knowledge as they progress through school.

Online test tailored to each student

This year, all schools participated in online NAPLAN testing, a departure from the paper and pen model of previous years. The advantage of this mode of testing is that the online testing is a tailored test that adapts to student responses, presenting students with questions that may be more or less difficult.

“This allows for more useful and precise results,” Ms Kelliher said.

IGS students ‘relish the opportunity’

“In preparation for NAPLAN this year, all students participated in discussions and seminars which explained the purpose of NAPLAN and how the data that is obtained can assist educators to shape learning programs to best support their needs.

“Our students also carried out familiarisation testing prior to NAPLAN, which ensured they were comfortable with their use of the hardware and software required. Teachers discussed key skills with students as a means of ensuring time management, planning, analysis of questions and editing of responses were prioritised in responding to NAPLAN questions.

“We have been administering the NAPLAN tests this week at IGS and have been delighted at the diligent approach of our students, who have relished the opportunity to demonstrate what they know and can do.”