Mother Language Day

IGS celebrated United Nations Mother Language Day 2022 with interviews of our new Deputy Head of High School Fabian Mandrini.

International Mother Language Day was proclaimed in 1999 by UNESCO with a mission to “to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world”.

“Today, in Australia, and around the world we have become increasingly aware of the vital role language plays in the preservation of one’s identity,” said Acting Director of Languages Teresa Alonso-Lasheras.

“That is why preserving languages is everyone’s responsibility as it’s part of one country’s heritage and culture.”

The theme of the 2022 International Mother Language Day, “Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities”.

“The access to technology and the gap in the ability to access technology was at the forefront of any conversation on education during the pandemic and the remote learning period.

“For all of us teachers, it was a period of enormous professional growth as we had to adapt quickly to the new reality and teach and connect with our students by creating virtual classrooms. Technology allowed us to do this.

“We are privileged at IGS as most of us have access to technology at home.

“When it comes to teaching languages, there are endless possibilities.

“Websites, podcasts, videos, games and other technology can enhance teaching and learning when it is combined with the live and authentic communication that takes place spontaneously in the language classroom.

“Last year, for a period of time we taught and learnt off campus, and we did virtual exchanges with our sister schools. We are excited to be able to resume our real experiences with our sister schools this year.

“At IGS many members of our school community have a mother tongue other than English. One of these people is our new Head of High School Fabian Mandrini.

“We are excited to share with you our interview with him in which he talks about his mother tongue, Spanish.”

We thank IGS Head Boy Madiba Doyle-Lambert, Head Girl Zahra Moloobhoy and Languages Portfolia Leader Deniz Sivrioglu for interviewing Mr Mandrini in both English and Spanish.

Welcome, Mr Mandrini! !Gracias!