Science Club racers shine in Sunsprint challenge

On Saturday 21 October, the University of New South Wales played host to the Sunsprint Challenge, a thrilling competition that saw Year 8 IGS students James Vantas and Ben Robertson in action. This event drew participation from a staggering 150 schools, creating a spirited atmosphere of competition and innovation.

The highlight of the Sunsprint Challenge is the 20 metre solar drag car competition, featuring entries from nearly 40 high school teams. James and Ben spent Term 3 meticulously crafting their solar-powered cars with the support of the Science Club and Dr Lakshimi Srinivasan Assistant Head of Science.

Looking back on their participation, Ben shared, “It was an incredible experience, and we delved deep into the world of engineering and physics. While we may have aspired to achieve better results, the sheer joy we experienced was immeasurable. We’re looking forward to returning next year, and we’re set on capturing one of those coveted trophies.”

James mirrored Ben’s sentiments, stating, “Being part of the event was an absolute blast, and the knowledge we gained was invaluable. I encourage more teams to take part next year. It’s not solely about winning; it’s about the thrill of being a part of it all. I also highly recommend joining the High School Science Club next year. You’ll amass a wealth of knowledge, and if you decide to enter the Solar Car race, you’ll have the support of Dr Srinivasan and your peers.”

This display of enthusiasm, determination, and the pursuit of knowledge at the Sunsprint Challenge serves as a powerful testament to the promising future of STEM education. It’s a reminder to all that the journey itself is just as exhilarating as the destination.

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