Science in the Valley

Year 10 recently visited The Retreat, Kangaroo Valley to study science.

Max Nemlich (Year 8) from the IGS Telegraph reports.

Immediately upon arrival, Year 10 separated into groups that all immersed in their own ideas and sciences.

One group studied the fossils that may be hidden right under our very own Retreat! They sketched and wrote their thoughts on various fossil replicas, and for all we know, it is entirely possible that these avid scientists find their own fossils one of these days!

Another group studied physics and attempted to construct their very own paper birds and make them fly! The winds proved useful and some managed to get birds fairly capable of flight. There were also some eyewitness accounts revolving around two of the scientists summoning a tornado, but sadly, this is scientifically impossible and was most likely coincidental. It was quite the event though.

The last group studied Kangaroo Valley’s beautiful plants. They were given a full explanation of the biology of them and they found it quite entertaining.

Finally, they went to the nearby village and they loved the little town, having lunch there. This was a high point for many and particularly exciting.

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Kangaroo Valley in this gallery.

See full gallery here.