Discovering skills outside the classroom

More than 140 clubs are on offer at International Grammar School during lunchtime and after school.

Clubs for Years 1 to 6 run in conjunction with After School Care and include 3D Printing, 2D Game Creation and Unity Club at the Coder Factory, as well as Bee Bots, Girls 2D Video Game Creation, Yoga 4 Kids, Year 5 and 6 Girls’ Club, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon Club, chess, fencing, karate, painting, craft, dance, drama, robotics, jewellery making and Mathletics.

The 40 clubs for high schoolers generally run during lunchtimes and include opportunities in music, drama, Zero Robotics, Rubik’s Cubing, Year 7 and 8 Science Club, Ukulele Club, War Gaming Club, Film Watching Club, Year 9 Boxing Club, Senior Sewing Club, Year 11 Scuba Diving Club and Girls’ Maths Club.