‘Dining Room’ Drama

Take a bow, Year 11!

Congratulations to IGS Year 11 Drama students who have been expanding their performance skills through analysing and presenting The Dining Room, by AR Gurney.

On Monday 27 March Year 11 presented their showcase performance for family and friends. They have been working on the elements of theatre and production, together with creating characters. After selecting a published script, students designed costumes and posters, while some also wrote additional scenes to contemporise moments.

Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said “The performance of AR Gurney’s The Dining Room allowed the class to experiment and discover their strengths in drama and theatre making. It was an exercise in learning to work as an ensemble to bring characters to life from a variety of time periods and places who float in and out of one common space – a dining room. Students experimented with accents and physicality.

“After a challenging yet highly productive term, the two floors of the Dramatic Arts Centre are now filled with student designs, rationale justifications, and photographs. I could not be prouder of the work they created and their ability to flourish as theatre makers.”

Please enjoy the gallery of images from the performance night and the student’s reflections on the process below.

“At the start of the term, I was terrified at the idea of performing in front of people, even the drama games and improvisations. Through the classes and rehearsals, I became more confident. Drama has helped my vocalisation, performance, and approach to things. I am incredibly proud of my efforts.” Nyree

“From this experience I have grown so much and learnt a lot as I didn’t do Drama in Years 9 and 10. And this entire term has felt like catch up. At the beginning of the term I felt very nervous to express myself on stage and bring those characters to life to the best of my ability. Now though I feel excited every time I am faced with a new character to emote. I have gained confidence in myself and let myself grow and there is so much more as this is only the first term.” Maika

“I learnt a lot about vocal projection and adapting. It is better to know the subtext and intention so that way if lines are not word perfect it is salvable as you can adapt and still tell the story.” Darcy

“This unit was so fun, and I could not be happier with everyone’s final performances.  All my scenes got some laughs which assures me I was doing something right with comedic timing and characterisation. I played Berta and Paul which both went well, and I was able to relax into the characters. I think I was a bit nervous when playing Grace in my first scene. I am melancholic that this unit is over as it means parting with three characters I have gotten to know so well over the term, but I feel I did them justice.” Tiggy

“This play was a positive experience which had a positive impact on my acting skills as I learned how to build characters better. I also learnt how to be more present in the world my scene was set in. I enjoyed the experience and would do it all over again.” James

Congratulations to all involved!