Our Spanish Exchange students’ unforgettable memories

¡Adiós, España!

Our recently returned Junior Spanish exchange students enjoyed every moment of their time in beautiful Spain. From exploring historic streets to savouring delicious food, their adventure was nothing short of magical!

The junior group of 16 and their teachers Irina Braun and Yolanda Fernandez departed on the 17th of September and were welcomed by their exchange families at the airport in Madrid where they attended school every day.

During their time there they visited the Prado Museum as well as a workshop about one of the most well-known paintings by Diego Velazquez, Las Meninas. They acted out the painting and created the scene by making plasticine figurines representing ‘Las Meninas’. The students also went on an excursion to Segovia where they saw the famous Roman Aqueduct.

Enjoy the gallery!