Origami fun in Japanese

IGS students celebrated Japanese Children's Day "Kodomo no hi" during a school holidays workshop.

During the school holidays, Japanese Teacher Noriko Yamanaka ran a Japanese cultural workshop.

The theme was a Japanese spring event called “Kodomo no hi” Children’s Day Celebration, held on 5 May.

“It is a Japanese tradition to put carp streamer ‘Koinobori’ こいのぼりup on the roof. ‘Koi’ is the motif of this event and celebrates the health and growth of young children,” Noriko said.

“Children enjoyed learning about how Japanese children celebrate ‘Kodomo no hi’ in Japan and create Koinobori and Kabuto (Warrior hats).

“Then children learned the ‘Koinobori’ song and sung using instruments and movement. I introduced simple ‘ostinato’ which is repeated pattern in Japanese with body percussion and they all enjoyed this experiment.

“Children had the wonderful opportunity to see an Origami demonstration by Origami artist Midori Fuzue. During this workshop children created ‘Kazaguruma’ かざぐるまwindmill with Midori which they decorated ‘Koinobori’. It was great to see Midori introduced and the children loved how the windmill moved when they blew.”

Students enjoyed getting their photo taken in front of the big “koi” art display, which Years 4 to 6 Japanese children made during Japanese Camp earlier this year.

“They were fascinated to see big carp made by small ‘Kabuto’. Japanese artist Noriko Ishigouchi created beautiful carp faces specially for IGS children.

“The work is displayed on the wall in the Level 4 Year 6 space.

“I hope you will come and have a look this beautiful Japanese art work,” Noriko said.

We thank Noriko and students for going deep to create something great, a theme for deep learning at IGS this year.