Kindergarten explore patterns

Kindergarten students have been exploring patterns this week.

“They identified and continued a range of patterns made from snap cubes, teddy bear counters and pictures,” Kindergarten Teacher Tanika Belle said.

“Students enjoyed developing their fine motor skills to create patterns using pom-poms varying in colour and size. Kindy students should feel proud of their amazing work.” 

Kindergarten Teacher Robeka Bresovski said Kindergarten Green participated in four different rotational learning activities to identify the patterns core in order to create, extend and find missing elements in repeating patterns.

“Identifying the patterns core also allowed the students to translate patterns and represent them in different ways,” Robeka said.

“Patterns are at the heart of mathematics. All patterns have regularities that we can perceive visually and auditorily, and this is something the students of Kindergarten Green have been learning to do over the course of this week.”

In Kindergarten Gold, students were feeling proud of themselves after they mastered sorting objects in different ways, according to colour, shape and size. They also created continuous repeating patterns.