IGS embeds ‘hope’, ‘thrill’ and ‘language for belonging’

IGS Early Learning educators and teachers shared their 2021 deeper learning journey embedding First Nations perspectives into their Language for Belonging Project.

“Knowing where and with whom you belong is integral to human existence,” IGS Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert told all IGS colleagues at the recent Professional Development day ahead of Term 4.

“Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community.”

During 2021, Early Learning began on a deeper journey embedding First Nations perspectives with authenticity in Early Learning.

With the recent ELC restructuring of classes came an opportunity to create totems for each class.

The children, educators and teachers explored meaningful connections with the Gadigal land on which IGS stands and considered the current IGS House groups.

Working from the House names, colours and meanings, and with Aboriginal artist Bianca Caldwell, they developed their fresh Early Learning totems of Burraga (koala), Garrawan (Currawong), Bundaluk (crimson rosella) and Jungaa (octopus).

They explored the concepts deeply, including creating music for their totems with IGS composer in residence Harry Harry Sdraulig.

The children were deeply engaged in their innovative, authentic learning and the results are set to become part of IGS traditions for the future.