Early Learners have fun ‘dans la jungle’

It was a busy week in the Early Learning Centre this week, with lots of creative activities focused on animals and their habitats.

“Learning happens by engaging children and creating fun and meaningful learning experiences and this is exactly what our passionate language educators Maya, Valerie, Haruko, Giulia, Amanda, and Elena are doing – and this week was a great example of how they are engaging our children,” said Italian Teacher and Head of Languages Junior School Vilma Rotellini.

“Coinciding with Science week, the Early Learning children continued to explore and learn about different animal habitats through classification and sorting activities in their language groups.

“Using both natural and craft materials such as rocks, shells, leaves and twigs the educators and children created different environments. The children sorted animal figurines and placed them in their habitat, and were encouraged to use new vocabulary and structures.

“The children were also invited to draw their own habitats and chose an animal who lived there.

“Other learning experiences included singing about animals ‘dans la jungle’ , making a book on Australian animals, making animal masks and wearing animal costumes.

“We all enjoyed a great range fantastic, fun ways to encourage the children to act out role plays while learning about animals and putting their language skills into action.”