Tiny Rock Stars

In Week 4, Early Learning Teacher Miriam Jones facilitated a rhythmic experience with Garrawan class students. Student Norah Cox’s dad Paul Cox joined the music class, bringing Norah’s drum kit. He showed the students different drum beats and grooves, including jazz, rock and roll and disco. Mr Cox also shared his percussion experience and the children were spellbound.

One of the ELC students, Sunny Srivastava, said “It’s so cool right?” Followed by Zydan Ahmad who said, “When you move the pedal it goes up and down,” noticing how the high hat worked.

Mr Cox joined the Garrawan students as they played and sang a music class favourite, We’re in a Rock Band. Afterwards, children had a chance to play the drums themselves. Both the enthusiasm and decibel levels were through the roof!

After Paul left, the students settled into play and drum kits emerged all over the classroom. Some students made drums with magnetic tiles, others were drumming in the dramatic play corner. Drumming was everywhere!

Ms Jones noted, “Students created drum kits from recycled and found objects in the classroom as they fueled their passion for drumming and rhythm. They loudly explored different genres of drumming, and drumming styles from around the world.”

We thank both Mr Cox for sharing his captivating skills and Ms Jones for organising such a unique experience for our youngest students.