Child-led learning makes music

Early Learning children are enjoying experimenting with musical instruments, taking turns and making music together.

“We have launched into Term 3 with the sounds of a glockenspiel, xylophone, floor tom drum, two tone block and a triangle flowing out of the gazebo in the outdoor space!” said IGS Early Childhood Music Specialist Amelia Scarf.

“These five instruments invite all children to experiment with improvisation and the variety of sounds and ways to play and work with music.

“Children are testing the dynamics of sound, the changes of pitch, the patterns of a beat, the sensory feedback of banging a drum, the vibrations of a triangle… the exploration is infinite.

“The visuals show how the children can interact with the instruments and how many children that can fill the space.

“They encourage independence and manage the flow of the activity.

“Seeing the children refer to the poster of how each instrument is played is a testament to strengthening autonomy and positive response to the environment as the ‘third teacher’.

“It’s early in the term, and improvisation, performance and listening and responding to music are already being exercised beautifully in this child-led learning space!”