Early Learners find their Ngurang

With the support of their Early Learning Educators and the warm IGS welcome, our new and continuing Early Learners are settling into the program well. 

Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert said “The children are doing incredibly well learning to say goodbye to their families, then joining with staff to unpack their bag and commencing a play experience in these early days. Fantastic work for 3 and 4 year old children – so much opportunity to develop and practice communication and interaction skills, develop confidence and learn new routines. We’re proud of each of the children”

Each morning, children from across the Centre come together in a beautiful space we have named “Ngurang” – meaning “place” in Dharug. The ngurang is a beautiful space where children and educators meet together at the beginning and end of the day in the Centre.

This week, our Early Learners and Extended Hours Teacher Sonja Wiedenmaier talked about what children enjoy most at Early Learning.

“I like to play outside with my friends and I playing with all the things in my rooom,” Sophie said.

“I like coming here… my friends and teacher are here. I like running and playing hide and seek,” Alexandra said.

“There’s lots of people to play with and my best friend Christina is here,” Ada said.

“Playing,” said Valeria.

“I like the sandpit and all the toys and the people and my sister,” Ari said.

“I love playing with the wooden doll house and I made friends with Valeria and I like the kids hats; they’re blue and blue is my favourite colour,” Mischa said.