ELC Triumphs: ‘Exceeding’ in National Quality Standard Assessment

Congratulations to Sarah Herbert, Head of School Early Learning and the Early Learning Centre team for receiving an incredible ‘Exceeding’  rating from the Department of Education in every quality area of the National Quality Standard (NQS). This is a remarkable achievement for our School and reflects the ELC team’s leadership, dedication, and pursuit of excellence.

The NQS sets a high national benchmark for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services in Australia. Services are assessed and rated by their regulatory authority against the NQS, and given a rating for each quality area and an overall rating based on these results.

“We are delighted to have our program validated in this way,” says Sarah Herbert, Head of School Early Learning. “I thank my colleagues in Early Learning who consistently support our continuous improvement journey, striving for exceeding practices in their everyday work in the Centre with hard work, grit and vision!” finishes Sarah.

This is an incredible achievement and a magnificent result for our Early Learning team who have been on a continuous improvement journey, striving to exceed practices in their everyday work in the Centre, under the inspirational leadership of Sarah Herbert and Victoria Kirkwood.

IGS Deputy Head of School Early Learning, Victoria Kirkwood, expresses her gratitude to the wonderful parents, family and wider community at IGS. “Your time, contributions and involvement are an essential part of the Assessment and Rating process. It was a privilege to have so many examples of best practices, collaborating with our community, representing your ideas and visions to achieve a rating of exceeding. We can only do it together!”

There are seven quality areas that are important outcomes for children with 40 standards in total, and IGS has met the ‘Exceeding’ level of practice in each one, placing IGS in the top 23% from a quality perspective of the 5892 early education and care services in NSW. It’s important to note that each standard is informed by evidence-based research about what is best for students and their learning and development.

“Warm congratulations to Ms Herbert and the ELC team. It’s lovely to know that our youngest children are in an environment every day that is giving them the very best start possible!” expresses our Principal, Shauna Colnan.

2024 ELC Orientation Evening for parents

Head and the Deputy of Early Learning Sarah Herbert and Victoria Kirkwood hosted an Orientation Evening at IGS to help the new Early Learning parents get their little ones ready for the start of School. Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg led guests in a singing activity during the session, bringing much joy into the room. Early Learning PTF Representative Anuja Sawant also kindly presented, providing a peer perspective for parents and carers. Congratulations to all involved on running such an incredibly informative and successful evening!