Rose’s inspiring music blooms

IGS piano and theory of music teacher Rose Grausman recently conducted an extraordinary inter-cultural choral concert.

As well as her tireless work for IGS students from Kindergarten to Year 12, Rose is Musical Director of the Sydney Jewish Choral Society.

“Rose was part of a wonderful recent concert that presented The Ballad of Mauthausen, a magnificent song-cycle about love between two cultures, with lyrics by Greek poet Lakovos Kambanellis and music by acclaimed Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis,” said Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg.

“Congratulations to Rose, who conducted the Australian Hellenic Choir and the Sydney Jewish Choral Society as a collaborative performance project that certainly focused on highlighting and connecting shared cultural histories between these performers, and enabled the listener to experience the deep emotional impact of Kambanellis’ songs.”

Rose is a long-respected member of the IGS community.