Meet the Leader: Zahra Moloobhoy

"One of my biggest inspirations to be IGS Head Girl was my love for the School, since Preschool," said Head Girl Zahra Moloobhoy.

“I adored everything at IGS, from International Days and Primary School discos, to being able to experience a constant empowerment and encouragement to pursue anything I wanted to,” Zahra said.

“I loved all my classes and teachers, and every year here,” she said.

“And so, I was inspired by the desire I had to share this love of IGS with as many students as I possibly could.

“The thought of being able to express my appreciation for IGS through sharing it with others in my final year here was truly thrilling to me, and I hoped that I would have the opportunity to inspire my peers in the way that IGS inspired me.”

As IGS Head Girl for 2022, Zahra said she hopes to “build on and emphasise the beautiful appreciation of culture and language we have here, and introduce new opportunities and initiatives to do so”.

Zahra said she hopes to take every wonderful opportunity that IGS offers to new levels, and she plans to encourage other students to do the same.