Celebrating our Class of 2022

Creative Oliver Parry of the Class of 2022 shares some IGS highlights and tips for making the most of a busy year.

“I came to IGS in Year 7,” the Gura House leader said.

“I’ve always loved art, drama and textiles at IGS because of my teachers and their creative knowledge.

“I’ve participated in Theatresports since Year 7 which has grown my skills as an actor for drama.

“I think one of my best memories would always have to be the production of Grease. Being in Year 9 and working with the older years was the best experiences I’ve ever had, especially because we were working towards a musical with acting, singing and dancing.

“In the future I would love to be a creative director for a fashion label eventually creating and designing my own clothing company.

“This year has had its ups and downs but, now I have figured out that planning and scheduling my study time into tasks and the time I need per task works for me.”

“Creating my own personal and detailed checklist for every day enables me to prioritise my time wisely and restricts procrastination.

“For the HSC I’m doing art, drama, textiles and four units of English.

“Art has always been a passion of mine and allows me to express myself and my ideas visually.

“It’s been one LONG journey coming to my concept for my piece but I knew that I needed to be proud of my concept and wanted it to be a complex yet personal reflection of my creative mind.”

We wish Oliver and his classmates all the best for the HSC and beyond!