Years 3 and 4 see ANZAC stars

Students in Years 3 and 4 recently visited the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park.

All of the students enjoyed the opportunity to be split into four groups; Navy, Army, Airforce and Medical Corps to hunt for the different symbols throughout the Memorial.

They discovered more about the meaning behind the rich symbolism and emblems within the Anzac Memorial that helped us to better understand the past and life for the Anzacs.

On the bus ride home, students said they loved learning more about the places our Anzacs came from, where they went and how the Memorial helps us remember them.

Evelyn: I learnt that all the stars on the ceiling represent all the people who participated in the wars. I enjoyed the workshop and making our very own symbol. I was surprised to learn that the pine cone that Benjamin sent to his mother is planted and growing outside the memorial. I learnt so much!

Swann: So many names, so many stories, so many stars. I learnt so much but my favourite part was learning about the Airforce. I hope that all the families who lost someone know how grateful we are that they fought for our country.

Anaya: I loved looking for clues and finding them! I enjoyed seeing all the dirt from places where our soldiers came and the countries where they fought.

Oscar: I felt connected to the past.