Year 6 explores Wiradjuri art and culture with Artist in Residence Bianca Caldwell

IGS students preparing for the NSW Schools Reconciliation Challenge where they are encouraged to Make Art, Inspire, Write a Story, Dream, and Learn about Reconciliation.

Year 6 students at IGS recently participated in a captivating incursion with Wiradjuri artist, Bianca Caldwell. This immersive experience has set the stage for an inspiring journey as our students embark on the NSW Schools Reconciliation Challenge, centred around the theme What Stories Will You Dream?

Through vibrant visuals and hands-on demonstrations, Bianca guided the students across two enlightening sessions with the use of different techniques and media, and insights on finding artistic inspiration.

The incursion was a blend of learning and self-expression, as Bianca helped the students develop their own ideas and gave them feedback on their work. 

Many of the Reconciliation Challenge resources and activities have been developed in consultation with NSW Education Standards Authority.

The memories and teachings from Bianca’s visit will undoubtedly infuse the students’ artistic endeavours with new depth, meaning, and understanding of reconciliation. Below are some images of Bianca Caldwell’s visit

Below are some glimpses of Bianca Caldwell’s visit.