Year 5 Camp reflection

Year 5 students Remy, Penelope and Sasha share their reflections on their recent Outdoor Education Camp.

We went to Stanwell Tops for three days and participated in a series of activities. There was the giant swing, environmental games, archery, an indigenous talk, swimming, mountain biking and a bushwalk to the beach.

The giant swing required us to be pulled up 18m high by our teammates. We then tugged a ripcord and went swinging over a cliff. (With a harness). The swing required us to really push our boundaries and go higher then we felt we could.

For the environmental games we needed to work together and put trust in our partners. My group very much enjoyed playing camouflage and other such games that were previously unknown to us.

During archery, we had to encourage each other and try our hardest. It honestly didn’t matter if you hit the target or not as long as you tried your best. The instructor was really helpful. She remembered to give us a safety lesson first.

When we had an Indigenous talk, two national park rangers told us all about Aboriginal traditions and totems. They gave us plants to eat and let us try to make a fire (we failed).

I’m sure many people were annoyed about the freezing temperature of the pool. We really had to challenge ourselves just to stay in. Once we were in, some kids had an incredible time. Others stayed out and shivered.

Opposed to the cold pool, mountain biking made people quite hot. We rode around the camp and played games on the basketball court. (Not basketball, games on the bike).

On the bushwalk, my group told riddles and played word games. We stumbled on the mud and jumped off slippery rocks. We also screamed at the sight of leeches.

The food at camp was probably thought of as a matter of debate. Most people enjoyed breakfast and ate lunch without a second thought, but dinner was probably the cause of the grumbling.

I assume that people enjoyed morning and afternoon tea, because it was definitely devoured with gusto. During both morning and afternoon tea, the activity groups played games such as bang, murder winks and mafia. I am of the understanding that people preferred to play with their groups, but some preferred to be with different children.

Cabin arrangements were top of everyone’s mind as we arrived in Stanwell Tops. Everyone wanted to be with their friends. Unfortunately, not everyone received that privilege. People were mostly okay with it though, because they got to make connections with other kids.

The cabins were places people came to to sleep, get dressed and have showers. I know that in my cabin, the shower was a necessary love and everyone fought to claim first or second shower.

There were definitely people who struggled to keep their cabin clean and I’m sure some cabins had clothes everywhere, toiletries controlling the sink and shoes scattered in all four corners.

Despite all that, our cabins were empty on our day of departure.

The Southbound instructors were very kind and we all had fun with them. They helped us with our activities, told us all the rules and made camp a very nice place to be.

In conclusion, CAMP WAS AMAZING!!!!