Year 2 grow strong minds and bodies

Year 2 have been exploring empowerment and positivity.

Sport students in Kuyal joined Primary Teacher Sally De Gruchy and the characters from her own children’s mindfulness book A Rabbit’s Tale to become empowered with tools to calm anxiety, focus attention and choose positive thoughts.

Assistant Head of PDHPE Veronica Whitaker said students explored different mindfulness techniques.

These included Bear Counting Breaths and Snake Senses Scans, a flowing yoga sequence packed with encouraging affirmations, a game that incorporates fundamental movement skills such as bear crawls and bunny hops, and a guided relaxation.

Veronica said students were left feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to be the best version of themselves.

When students were asked what did they learn and enjoy in Sport they said:

Jeremy said: How to do the A to Z of yoga!

Katie said: All the yoga moves!

Flynn said: Sleeping with a magic stone on my head! 

Arlo said: A to Z of yoga!

Annika said: All the different animals and moves in the a to z of yoga!