Sushi on the menu!

The IGS Year 4 Japanese learners enjoyed making their own sushi during Term 3.

Year 4 students have been studying the cultural aspects of the cuisines of their target country.

“Students learnt about typical Japanese food as well as Japanese regional food, special food for annual events and Japanese table manners,” said Assistant Head of Junior School Languages (Asian Languages) Machiko Ohta. 

“One of the most exciting subtopics they have learnt was rolled sushi making. The students learned what the ingredients are, and how to make rolled sushi. 

“At the beginning of the experience, students were asked ‘なっとうとたくわんを食べたことがありますか。which means ‘Have you had natto, or fermented soybeans, and takuan, or pickled daikon)?’

”Most of them responded ‘no’. Students tasted them and some liked them and some didn’t.”

Machiko sensei showed students how to make rolled sushi. After watching the demonstration, students made their own rolled sushi.

“Some students found it hard to make it at first, but improved their sushi-making skills as they practised. At the end of the lesson, of course they enjoyed eating the sushi they’d made,” Machiko Sensei said.

Students loved the experience! Some students said “おいしかったです。”. “It was good!”