Year 12 Embrace Challenge at the Kangaroo Valley Retreat

By Lawrance Hunting

This week, Year 12 ventured to Kangaroo Valley for their Retreat, where they were reminded of the challenges ahead. They received heartfelt letters from parents, encouraging reflection and growth. 

The serene setting of Kangaroo Valley allowed for honest reflection and vulnerability, fostering courage and connection among students. The Retreat is isolated, it’s away and off grid, remote from our busy campus at school. Getting away from school and into nature, where it is quiet and still, allows our students to feel safe to explore and create. 

I want to emphasise the comprehensive support available for our Year 12 students as they navigate the upcoming three terms, which are essentially their ‘grand final’ leading up to the HSC.

Take a look at what we were up to.

As the term begins, students are urged to connect with their mentors for support in planning and organisation. Our Careers Advisor, Mrs. Phillips, will guide students through university applications.

If any student or parent wishes to contact me, then my door is always open. Please email me at