Welcome to Term 4

I am thrilled to welcome our community back to IGS for the final Term of 2019.

Last Term we said a bittersweet farewell to our Year 12 Class of 2019. There were tears, laughter, smiles and lots of love all around as students were given a grand exit.

A big thank you to our wonderful teachers for their unwavering support and their hard work in preparing our students for success in their final year and throughout all the years of their schooling. 

My hope is that these graduates remember their time at IGS and know that they always welcome back to their school.

Year 12 students who have been at IGS since Kindergarten

As our Class of 2019 began their HSC this week we welcomed our Year 11 student leaders into their new roles.

I asked our new student leaders last term to frame their new roles underpinned by the concept of Dignity. Treating others with dignity goes a long way in leadership and in life. As Principal of IGS I love seeing the acts of kindness and displays of leadership from students that I see every day.  

During a visit to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse last Term, our students displayed their thoughtfulness as they brightened the lives of those receiving treatment. Students also spent several weeks visiting the Opal Annandale Aged Care Centre, bringing joy and learning from their elders.


I look forward to seeing what other inspiring ways our students give back to the community this term. 

Our students also made us proud when they showed their passion for climate change at the recent student strike. IGS supports its students who have chosen to march and strike while the School carried on with teaching and learning for those who chose not to march. I believe strongly that the freedom and support to participate in this global youth movement is an important source of hope and empowerment to the hundreds of students who have decided to be actively involved. 

Students wishing to delve deeper in their research of climate change are encouraged to take part in the Global Scholars Prize. This year, we are seeking an outstanding essay that explores the global ramifications of climate change. I look forward to reading our students’ work and their insights. 

The competition is open to all High School students, and the prize will be awarded at Speech Night.

On Monday and Tuesday this week we saw superb performances by Year 10 Drama, Children of the Black Skirt and The Popular Mechanicals. What a way to start the Term! My thanks to Director Ned Manning and to all staff involved in staging these plays.


On Wednesday, Music staged “The Big ‘Play-In’ Concert”! This was another triumph on the part of our extraordinary music department and the growing number of students in the music program.

On Thursday, the Art and Design department showcased the work of their very talented students on the runway and exhibition. Thanks to the collaboration of brilliant teachers such as Ksenija Doic and Hannah Fenton, the term is set to continue as a festival of learning! 

We’re looking forward to welcoming our new IGS Kindergarten Indigenous Scholars this term on 22 October and, on 30 October, we will honour our dedicated teachers and support and operational staff, on World Teachers’ Day.

SAGE Week begins on 11 November and we are looking forward to sharing in our students’ experiences out in their creative fields, from The Rocks, to Sydney University to Tasmania. 

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan