Intermediate Threatresports team enjoys success

Bravo to all involved in this year's Theatresports Schools' Challenge.

For the third year in a row, the IGS intermediate Theatresports team has made it through to the semi-finals of the Schools Challenge, after an impressive third place finish in their heat at Sydney Girls.

Our all Year 9 team of Margot Morton, Zainab Moloobhoy, Gretel Deutsch, Kai Hook, and Oliver McKendry started with a bang in round 1, scoring the highest score of the round in a gibberish scene, showing they don’t need the English language to get the job done.

They followed that up with consistently high scores in the rest of the competition, culminating in a 444 in the final round, which saw two bank robbers reminiscing about where it all went wrong.

Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito congratulated the team and thanked their coach, former Alum Lukian Adams, for his efforts. “Congratulations to our extremely talented Theatresports team and our wonderful coach, Lukian Adams, who continues his superb coaching track record, having led the 2022 intermediate team to NSW victory.”

The next round of the competition takes place on 30 May at Sydney Grammar School.

Let’s all wish them luck in the next round, as they are one heat away from performing in the grand final at the Enmore Theatre with a chance of winning the coveted Theatresports Cup.