Year 10’s Duke of Edinburgh adventure in Kangaroo Valley

Last week, 24 IGS Year 10 students ventured down to Kangaroo Valley to complete their Adventurous Journey as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award.

Originally, our students were all set to spend five days paddling in canoes along the picturesque Shoalhaven River, but Mother Nature had other plans. Upon arrival on Monday afternoon, a sudden storm dashed their initial hopes of hitting the water. However, the resilience and adaptability displayed by our students and staff in response to this change of plans were commendable.

On Tuesday morning they started their four day paddle through the beautiful Valley surrounds. One of the highlights of this adventure was students taking charge of their own destiny for the trip. They not only set up their own campsites but also planned and prepared their meals, fostering a sense independence and resilience. They all worked together as a cohesive team, mapping out their route plans for each day with precision and enthusiasm.

Beyond the practical skills gained, this expedition provided a unique opportunity for our students to connect with nature on a profound level. As they immersed themselves in the great outdoors, they also strengthened their bonds as a group, forming memories that will last a lifetime.

IGS congratulates all the students who participated in this journey as part of their Duke of Edinburgh credentialling. Their determination, adaptability, and teamwork made a great camp!

Special thanks also to our intrepid team members Georgia Cherrie and Walid Baghdadi for your own resilience and support throughout the program.

About Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Award equips young people for life and work. It stands as a prominent program for youth development, offering a structured approach to non-formal education. It aims to empower every Australian youth between the ages of 14 and 24, enabling them to discover their complete capabilities and uncover their sense of purpose, interests, and role in the world. This opportunity is open to all, without regard to where they come from or their personal circumstances. The Award is an all-encompassing program and does not align itself with any particular social, political, or religious affiliations.