English Extension 2 creative minds dazzle

Over the last 10 months, IGS English Extension 2 students have been passionately creating their English Major Works.

“Working in Short Fiction, Critical Response, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, and Multimedia, the class of 2022 were a powerhouse of ideas and energy,” said Head of English and Philosophy Thom Marchbank.

“From a script that attempts to respond to the challenge of an absurd universe with humour and levity; to fiction that explores the future of humanity after the fourth industrial revolution, or intergenerational trauma, or what it is like to have a relationship with someone through the things that they choose to surround themselves with, or finding yourself in a post apocalyptic landscape; to films that offer moving and thought-provoking encounters with First Nations cultures and knowledge, or just what is at stake in interpreting texts; to creative nonfiction that explores the multifaceted ways that we love, and grieve; to poetry that gives voice to the complex relationships between nature and the climate, and women and their own bodies, or models the different ways that we can love; to critical work that examines the vexed history of representing the Shoah … IGS students covered a dizzying array of topics in characteristically eloquent style.”

“Last Friday evening, the class, teachers, parents, friends and guests gathered to pay tribute to the phenomenal intellectual and creative work that students have performed, and to celebrate their achievement in successfully completing the course,” said Thom.

“It was astonishing to see how these students rose to the final challenge of showcasing their works, selecting excerpts to spotlight, and performing sections of their work live.”

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan said that “English Extension 2 is a course for the curious at heart.”

“As the course began, we asked our students whether they were prepared to create something new. With a gleam in their eyes, they said yes. And so began our journey together towards the composition of 13 beautiful major works in English,” Shauna said.

“It has been a joy to team-teach with IGS’s brilliant Head and Assistant Head of English Thom Marchbank and Susie Bolt and to collaborate with our Writer-in-Residence, Dr Felicity Plunkett. Together we set out to nurture the immense creativity and intellectual talents of this class. Sometimes it was more about getting out of their way so that they could go further than even they thought they could go.

“At other times we were humbled and moved by their openness to our detailed and exacting feedback. It’s tough to have your work critiqued by the eagle eye of English teachers before you really want anybody to see it.”

We congratulate the class of 2022 on their outstanding achievements, and wish them all the very best in the HSC.