Table manners learned in Japanese

Year 4 Japanese students have been learning about the Japanese cuisine.

In Week 6 of Term 3, students learned about table manners including the dos and don’ts when eating Japanese food, table setting and how to use chopsticks.

“Students compared the table manners to those in Australia, and were fascinated by the fact that it is okay to slurp noodles and use hands to eat sushi in Japanese,” said Assistant Head of Junior School Languages (Asian Languages) and Japanese Language Teacher Machiko Ohta.

“Students engaged in setting a table as they identified where rice, soup, main dish, side dish and third finish should be located. They carefully placed Japanese bowls and dishes as they checked the correct locations. After learning how to use chopsticks, students participated in the chopsticks race where they moved lollies from one plate to another. They got very excited cheering the team members.”