Year 6 students reflect on Bebras challenge

Year 6 Green students Hugo and Nikhil have reflected on their recent Bebras problem-solving competition.

“Bebras is a problem-solving mathematical competition which IGS has been participating in for several years. Bebras centers around problem solving and actively encourages teamwork and communication between peers. It disguises clever puzzles with fun, entertaining games and visual stimuli,” said Hugo.

”Bebras is a fun and entertaining way to test your Maths skills, build relationships and learn new ways to solve questions. It takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on your age, and you have to complete a set of questions during this time. Questions range in difficulty and are told in a narrative sense. Most kids even prefer the Bebras style of questions to the more traditional style as it is much easier to understand and less confusing.”

We thank Hugo and Nikhil for sharing their reflection with the IGS community.