Language Camp 2023

IGS Director of Languages Luisa Navanteri reflects on Language Camp.

Students from Years 4 to 6 recently shouldered their packs and with much excitement and anticipation set out for Primary Language Camp.

The annual IGS Language Camp offers senior Primary School students unique opportunity to expand their language skills outside the classroom over three days. 

In nature, students engage with the language on a deeper level, as they undertake tasks and activities associated with a specific theme. 

Students learn new and incidental language, gain cultural awareness, and practise their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while undertaking a variety of learning experiences such as role-play, singing, art and crafts, physical activities and performances.

In 2023, students impressed their teachers with their ability to work together in groups, supporting and caring for each other. Their enthusiastic involvement in all language activities is to be commended.

Congratulations to all Languages staff, support staff, and Years 4, 5 and 6 students for a very successful Language Camp!

Thank you to Acting Head of Primary Languages Machiko Ohta for her excellent leadership of this year’s camp.

Japanese Camp

The theme of the Japanese camp was “Autumn” and the full moon; a fitting theme for the Katoomba region during this season. A special highlight for the Japanese Camp this year was the incorporation of activities with Indigenous perspectives including an art activity brought to students by a local Aboriginal artist. Students were able to create artwork based on a dreamtime story “when the moon cried”.

During the two-and-a-half-day camp, the students were immersed in drama, creation of autumn posters and bag decorations with the moon festival theme, a furoshiki workshop, fun language games, Japanese sports, quizzes, and Japanese traditional toys.

They also learned Japanese traditional dance, created an ebook based on a dream time story “when the moon cried” and moon songs with movement. A significant moment was when students spontaneously added Aboriginal symbols into the collaborative moon artworks.

Noriko sensei said “It was fascinating to witness the students experience two different cultures in one place.” What a special Japanese camp experience it was this year! Well done to Machiko sensei, Noriko sensei and the Japanese teachers for this year’s Japanese Camp. 

Italian Camp

With a spectacular backdrop of the Blue Mountains, the Italian Camp dove deep into the mind of Leonardo DaVinci, discovering aspects of his life in art, science, and engineering all in Italian.

Using all-natural and sustainable materials, students painted their own interpretation of the Mona Lisa with the “two sisters” in the background. Students performed a role play in Italian about the theft of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris.

The Italian Camp was a fusion of the history and culture of Italy, and language in context. Congratulations to Nicola Sternberg, Pietrina Cassaniti and the Italian teachers for this year’s Italian Camp.

Chinese Camp

At Sinofield Retreat, students of Chinese in Year 4 were able to experience their very first Language Camp.

The theme was “Chinese New Year” and students experienced a diverse range of activities, including calligraphy, Chinese lantern making, singing and dancing to the Dragon dance and the Lion dance.

Well done to Stephen Gu and the Chinese teachers for IGS’s very first Chinese Camp. 

German Camp

The theme of the German Language Camp was “Detectives”. This topic involved investigating, solving problems, solving mysteries and going about the work of a detective.

This year, students learnt the necessary vocabulary to delve into activities such as reading books, solving riddles, doing puzzles, and conducting role plays.

Students were able to immerse themselves in a wider variety of learning experiences than they are able to undertake in the classroom, such as having a meal in the cafe together, going on a hike and playing sports outside, all while using and improving their German language skills.

Congratulations to Brooke Fuerbach and the German teachers for a successful German Camp this year.

French Camp 

The theme for the 2023 French Language camp was “Astérix et Obélix”, based on the French comic.

Students took part in many different activities to do with the comic. They expanded their knowledge of French language and culture whilst participating in drama, many varied types of craft, a treasure hunt, a movie night, a talent show, dancing and singing and even designed an album cover.

They also enjoyed some sporting activities, allowing them to work together in teams.

Well done to Jennifer Freixas and the French teachers for this year’s French Camp.