Monumental knowledge for Year 4 Italian students

"Year 4 Italian students are ready to pack their bags and fly straight to Roma!" said Assistant Head of Junior School Languages Annamaria Ferragina.

“No need to pay for expensive tours of the city,” said Annamaria. “These students know all the unmissable monuments. Each week of this term, Year 4 Italian has learnt about a different monument.

“Learning about the Colosseo and its fearsome gladiators was a highlight. The students made their own gladiator headwear and practised some combat moves.

“A crafty challenge was making a 3D gladiator doll, but at least the students examined the details of the roman outfit while cutting and folding. This topic provided an opportunity to revise roman numerals and use the numerical system for some fun maths activities.

“Representing the monuments visually was essential as the students appreciated from afar Roma’s treasures. Each week the students attempted to sketch the monuments, to gain an appreciation of fine details and structure.

“The students enjoyed converting their sketches of the Spanish Steps into a VividSydney inspired, colourful representation of the landmark. The students discussed the possibility of having Vivid  in Roma and seeing all the monuments lit up with beautiful colours.”