Green Dream Homes underway

Year 4 students recently Zoomed in with Professor of Architecture at UTS and IGS parent Anthony Burke. 

“We all listened carefully to our expert IGS parent during his presentation on An Introduction to Architecture,” said Year 4 Teacher Teresa Bertoli.

“Anthony generously gave us his time and as always he was extremely informative. He inspired the children to start thinking about how they can make something beautiful.”

He asked students the below questions:

Can you live on the roof?

Can you live on the clouds?

Can you live in a tree?

Can you live in a colour?

Can you live in water?

After the presentation some of the children commented:

Matilda said “I learned that architects are very creative. They help people live better lives by making their environment better.”

Maeve said “Imagination is everything.”

Anaya said “Good architects listen to the ideas of the people they are building for.”

Daphne said “I remember the three main points of architecture – structurally sound, function and aesthetics.”

Max said “I am going to think outside the box and create something wonderful.”

“We hope to see Year 4 creating unique, sustainable and wonderful Green Dream Homes in the coming weeks,” Teresa said.