Sweet French treats

More than 70 French students from Years 7 and 8 immersed themselves in a French movie and French food to end the academic year.

They began with a film from the French Film Festival, Spread your wings, based on a true story.

The film tells about the relationship between a father, Christian, who is a specialist of wild bird migration, and his son, Thomas, a teenager obsessed with video games whose idea of spending a vacation in the middle of nature sounds like a nightmare.

Everyone enjoyed the movie and the popcorn, of course!

After the cinema,  the students went by bus to Circular Quay to a French restaurant called Four Frogs, featuring authentic French cuisine.

They ordered their food in French and ate famous specialties from Brittany, the savoury crepes called “les galettes” made of buckwheat flour garnished with various fillings and the sweet crepes for dessert.

Most of them were still mentioning the Nutella ones on the following Monday!

Bon vacances!