Top talking in Languages

It has been a busy and successful term for Year 12 Language students.

In their final term before HSC Trials and HSC oral examinations, Year 12 Language students participated in several events aiming to boost their confidence in speaking. Here are some highlights:

Breakfast sessions at IGS

Year 12 Language students and Year 11 accelerants attended a Breakfast session at 8am on Tuesday 17 May aiming to provide them with the opportunity to sit a “mock” HSC speaking examination with a variety of different teachers.

Language teachers across the School came to test students HSC style, with a 10 minute conversation for Continuers students and a five minute conversation for Beginners. We will have one more Breakfast Session the first week back, held on Tuesday 19 July at 8am!

Speaking Day for Year 12 German Beginners

Through three different workshops, Year 12 German Beginners had the opportunity to practise their speaking skills with teachers and students from various schools in NSW at the Goethe Institute on Friday 20 May. 

Study skills Day for French Beginners, Continuers and Extension

Students attended a workshop at Sydney University on Saturday 21 May that covered exam requirements, strategies and key tips on how to succeed in the different components of their French language HSC examination.

Speaking Day for Year 12 Japanese Continuers

Students participated in a speaking workshop organised by the Japanese Teachers’ Association JTAN on Saturday 4 June via Zoom.

Speaking Day for Year 12 Spanish

Students attended a speaking workshop at IGS on Saturday 18 June. They were able to sit two oral examinations with different teachers from across NSW. 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all the languages teachers at IGS for their generosity and for giving up their weekends to allow our students to take part in all these events,” said Acting Director of Languages Teresa Alonso-Lasheras.

“Keep it up Year 12! Your HSC oral examinations are around the corner now.”