Sustainability in action: a greener future IGS canteen

The canteen is an important part of the school. In many ways, it is at the heart of our IGS community. Not only does it provide nutritious food for students and staff, but it also plays an important social role at IGS. We know that the canteen has always tried to meet the needs of our community and this includes our vision for sustainability.

IGS has been working to improve our sustainability for many years, recognising this in our strategic vision, articulating our intention in the Sustainable Policy Framework and introducing specific policies such as the Policy for Sustainable Procurement. Our efforts have been recognised with the Eco-Schools Green Flag award and inclusion into The Alliance for Sustainable Schools.

Our Head of Sustainability and Humanities Teacher Carmelo Fedele volunteered for a day in the canteen to understand how they work and support them to be more sustainable.

“I really enjoyed working with Patty, Di and the canteen team for a day. I only caught a glimpse of everything that they do to make IGS a warmer, more welcoming and well-fed place, but it confirmed to me how special they are to our community and all the effort they put in to accommodate everyone in this place, including that pesky tree hugger, sustainability bloke.” said Carmelo

We know that our sustainability journey is not over, however, and we would like to support the canteen to continue their efforts to improve. We understand that there are challenges and constraints, but we believe that we can overcome them to improve our practices for the betterment of our community and the environment.