Students learn language of la cucina italiana

Year 7 and 8 students show an appetite for Italian language and food.

Students in Years 7 and 8 were immersed in the richness of Italian culture when they had the opportunity to partake in a range of activities centred around the nation’s favourite (and most sacred) pastime … eating! 

Students were involved in a rotation of activities, including a cooking class with chef Luca Roncari who taught them how to make pasta from scratch.

During the cooking process students revised vocabulary related to food and learnt new words used in Italian recipes and restaurants.

After enjoying a hot bowl of pasta they had prepared for lunch students participated in role-play activities where they imagined being at a restaurant and having to order food.

Finally, students were involved in an arts and craft activity where they made an apron for their own made-up restaurants. 

The day was a fun way for students to feel immersed in the culture of their second language, and allowed them to enjoy and envision some of the most practical applications of their bilingual education.

Buon appetito!