STEP Program returns for 2022

Year 10 IGS students are preparing to "e-meet" their Opal Annandale Aged Care buddies.

Year 10 students involved in the STEP Seniors and Teens Empathy Program (STEP), have written their Opal Annandale Aged Care buddies letters and recorded themselves sharing messages.

Students were excited to give the residents a brief snapshot into their lives.

“Our Year 10 students have had a competency session, where they have learned about possible obstacles or challenges they may face when they very candidly meet their aged care friends,” Head of Year 10 Lawrance Hunting said.

“This has prepared our students well to show empathy and compassion.”

IGS has been involved in the STEP program for several years, with mutual benefits.

We thank Opal Annandale Aged Care for this opportunity.