Saskia loves a song and dance

Celebrating our Class of 2022 ...

Kuyal 2022 House Leader Saskia Misko joined IGS at the beginning of high school in Year 7.

“My favourite memories I’ve made at IGS have definitely been either my experiences in the three school musicals I have been a part of,” she said.

“My participation in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang in Year 7, Grease in Year 9 and Matilda in Year 11 have all been very rewarding. I have made so many memories learning new skills, performing for large audiences, being a mentor for younger students and most importantly making new friends, so many of them now being my best and longest friendships.

Saskia is will shortly sit for her HSC in the Legal Studies, Music 2, Drama, English Advanced, English Extension 1+2 and Maths Standard courses.

“At the moment I’m not sure exactly what I want to do in the future, but I hope whatever I end up doing, I can keep up my music. Whether I do music as a career or just a hobby, it’s something that’s really important to me so I definitely want to keep on doing that.”

ArtsFest ‘a highlight’

“ArtsFest has definitely been the best part of my experience as House Leader,” she said. “Since Year 7, Artsfest has always been my favourite day of the school year, so when I became House Leader I was excited to have the opportunity to help coordinate this event myself.

“Although it was hard work, I loved choreographing dances, performing in the music items and helping all the younger students navigate the day. I was also really excited to receive the spirit of ArtsFest award for all the hard work I put in.”

Tips for younger students: Get involved

“I think my best tip would be to not feel too overly anxious about school and grades in the younger years and balance your time as much as you can with the things you enjoy.

“I spent a lot of time doing co-curricular activities in junior high school and I definitely think it was worth it.

“I have made so many memories and friendships and learned skills in many areas, not just school.

“So definitely get involved as much as you can, because it becomes a lot more difficult to do all the activities you enjoy in Year 11 and 12.”

All the best to you and every member of our IGS Class of 2022 for the HSC and beyond, Saskia, and thank you for all your contributions!