Rooftop racing

Year 8 students studied ‘Energy’ during Term 1, culminating in a project that saw them build a model solar car.

After spending the term studying various forms of energy and learning how to make electrical circuits in science, Year 8 students were tasked with the challenge of building a model solar car.

 The project — which spanned over two weeks — culminated in students racing their creations on the roof on the final Monday of term. 

“It taught me a lot about building circuits and solar energy,” said Ruby


On the day of the race the Year 8 students received a talk from Michael Richards, outreach coordinator at the UNSW Photovoltaics department. 

“It was also cool that we got to meet people who actually study this kind of thing, and are using it to try to make the world a better place,” said Year 8 student Elliot.

Year 8 student Noah found the renewable energy exercise to be a worthwhile one, stating, “I think the Solar Car Race was a great way to learn more about solar energy, which will be important in our future.”