Register your child for Jump Rope for Heart

The primary school skipping challenge that turns kids into Heart Heroes

This year we are participating in Jump Rope for Heart!

Our students were joined at Wednesday’s launch by a very special guest speaker, Nina Rider from Jump Rope for Heart. Nina enlightened us about the importance of heart health and how simple actions like skipping can make a huge difference. Skipping is an ideal exercise for healthy hearts, muscles and bones.

Jump Rope for Heart is a Heart Foundation fundraising program.
The Heart Foundation supports over 580,000 Australians living with heart disease today, as well as working tirelessly to prevent and manage heart disease for future generations. Their work is purpose-driven, with a focus on stopping Australia’s number one killer: heart disease, which takes 50 lives every day.

This year, we have an audacious goal for our students to log 40 hours of skipping across IGS. Can you help us reach our goal?
We need your support to get your child registered for this optional activity. Please keep an eye out for the letters we’re sending home with additional information.

You can register your child here
The kids will move more, have fun and raise funds for Aussie hearts. Not only will they learn heart-healthy habits, they’ll also see how their actions can help others. Visit for additional information.

Special thanks
With very special thanks to Eve Kisirwani in 5 Gold, the IGS student behind this event. We’re incredibly proud of her initiative and passion. Thank you, Eve, for inspiring all of us to join in and become Heart Heroes!