R U OK? Day

R U OK? Day reminds us all to start a conversation about wellbeing and mental health, to listen, and to check in with others.

The IGS professional counselling team, PTF, Heads of House and teachers put together special activities for R U OK? Day, including pancakes, footpath chalking and nail painting, encouraging smiles across the School all day.

“It’s a day which aims to increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing through the simple question ‘Are you OK?’,” said IGS Director of Counselling Services Joseph Degeling.

Tutors and Home Class teachers have also been encouraging kindness activities and mindfulness programs in the classroom, encouraging everyone to take a moment to be still and observe their thoughts and feelings.

Student thoughts on R U OK? Day

Eve Blake: “A lot of people feel scared to talk about their feelings or are scared to say that they are not OK, so today is an extra opportunity to ask everyone how they’re feeling and speak out.”

Hugh Gibbons: “R U OK? Day has two sides. One is about helping those around you and the other is about getting help if you need it. I was excited to turn up to school and see everyone looking so happy. It was a good vibe.”

Anton Susnjara: “It’s an opportunity for everyone to take the time to ask their friends, family or teachers if they have anything to get off their chest, which they may not feel comfortable saying, without being asked first. It’s about positivity and being there for others.”

R U OK? Day nail painting
Chalk drawing
Students enjoying the chalk drawing activities