Volunteer thank you breakfast

On Tuesday 21 November the School organised a Volunteer Breakfast to thank our incredible, talented, and unwavering PTF volunteers, and to recognise the importance and enormous value of their contributions to the School.

Speaking at the event, Director of Advancement Paul Galea acknowledged the PTF volunteers, saying: “One of the things that is really apparent to me, in my new role where I can see the forest as well as the trees, is what an important role the PTF volunteers play in keeping the School running. The PTF are involved in all parts of the School outside the classroom, out in our community, in everyday events and, without you, our community is less. 

“The events that you put on, like the Primary School Disco, PTF fundraising events, uniform sales, those are the things that help bring our School together. All of the things that you do, work to bind our community closer together. And one of the things that I recognise is that you are volunteers – you have your own busy lives, so when you come and do your thing, I am absolutely super appreciative that you are going beyond your normal lives and this breakfast today is but a small acknowledgement of that.”

In addition to the important role the PTF plays in building our School community, they also model dedication and commitment, while demonstrating the importance of giving back to the community and the value of lifelong learning. 

As PTF President Hayley Dean says: “The IGS PTF aims to go deeper to support our wonderful school and ensure our input adds value to the lives of our children, our teachers, and our parents/carers – we are the sprinkles on top, encouraging connection and support from Early Learning to Year 12.

“PTF Membership is open to all. We welcome and encourage parents and caregivers, staff, alums, and community members to join. We love IGS and work hard to support its community.”

You can get involved and join the PTF Whatsapp Group or find out more about current PTF activities here.